During the Vietnam War, Michael was called to active duty in the US Army, posted to Fort Hood, Texas and started to work with a secret clearance in the G2, Counter Intelligence Division of the Fourth US Army. After seeing how ridiculous some of the classifications were such as "SECRET: Officer's club cocktail party this Friday at 8pm” Michael was actually fired from his position and due to laughing loudly about the contents of the documents . He volunteered to go to accounting school in Fort Benjamin Harrison however he was given a choice between being shipped off to Vietnam and working an office job in the States, so he wisely chose the latter. He got a job working in the largest Army stockade in the U.S. in charge of prisoner’s personal property and finances. Meeting many soldiers coming back from Vietnam, he came to realize how crazy the world really was. This caused him to became a Vietnam War protester while in the military.

Swearing to never cut his hair again after getting an honorable discharge from the Army in 1968, Michael didn’t realize he would be called up for reserve duty almost two years later.


Michael's adventures in the U.S. Army Reserve


Michael has been to 70 countries (including refueling stop overs at airports). He can say "hello,""goodbye," and "thank you" in 85 languages. Just don't test him on it!

Osaka, Japan

Nairobi, Kenya

Moscow, Russia

Somewhere in Thailand (?)

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Vivales, Cuba

Ho Chi Mihn Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Hilton, Vietnam

Somewhere in Malaysia (?)

Havana, Cuba

Michael has visited 49 of our 50 states

Michael apologizes to NorthDakota for having neglected it,
but promises that it will be his first Domestic destination as president.

General Sherman Redwood

Lincoln Monument, Washington DC

Liberty Bell, Philadephia

Michael's Wheels


Petrified Forest national Park, Arizona

The Parthenon, Nashville, Tennessee

South Carolina

Great Salt Lake, Uah

Pike's Peak, Colorado

Stone Mountain, Georgia

New Mexico

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Rose Valley, California

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California


Fine Artist - 35+ years
Owner, Soho Picture Framing, NYC - 30+ years
Owner, Soho Picture Hanging, NYC - 2+ years
Owner, Michael Ingbar Gallery, SF-NYC - 30+ years
Owner, MFI Art (Corporate Art), SF-NYC - 39+ years
Import and Sales, San Francisco - 2-3 years
Freelance writer - 1 article
Event Promoter, New York City - 5 years
Dance Instructor, Worldwide - 5 years
Professional Dancer, New York City - 7 years
Water Purification Engineer, LA - 6-8 months
Wholesale Jewelry Sales - Summer
Wholesale Hologram Sales - Summer
Interior Home Painter, Los Angeles - 2 days
Used Car Restoration & Sales, Los Angeles - years
Pantomime, Los Angeles - 2 days
Director, Mime Troupe, Los Angeles - 1 year
Perfume Manufacturer, Los Angeles - 3 years
Gold Bullion Telemarketing, Los Angeles - 1 day
Fortune 500 Book Telemarketing, LA - 1 day
Weight Loss Pyramid Sales, Los Angeles - months
Aloe Vera Pyramid Sales, Los Angeles - months
Film Extra, Los Angeles - 1 day

Gift Shop Owner , Los Angeles - 1 ½ years
Traveling Auditor, New England - 2 years
Plastic Flower Sales – New York City - weeks
Security Guard, Catskills - 1-2 months
Traveling Auditor, Boston-NYC - 6 months
Ski Instructor, Catskills - 1 day
Indoor Pool Lifeguard, Catskills - 5 days
Valet, Miami Beach - 1 week
Vacuum Cleaner Sales, Queens & Long Island - 2 months
Exterior Home Painter, Long Island - 2 days
Prisoners Personal Property Clerk, US Army Stockade, Ft. Hood, TX - 1 ½ years
Personnel Specialist US Army, Ft. Hood, TX - 1 month
Counter Intel. Clerk US Army, Ft. Hood, TX - 1 month
Shipping Clerk, New York City – Summer
Busboy, Catskills - 2 days
Waiter, Catskills - 1 hour
Asst. to Internal Auditor, New York City - 4 Summers
Carny, Rockaway - Summer
Vacuum Cleaner Salesman, Queens & Long Island - SummerNewspaper Delivery, Brooklyn - 1 rainy day
Glazier and Installer, Brooklyn - Summers
Watermelon Sales, Brooklyn - 1 day
Candy Store Helper, Brooklyn - through age 12

Security Guard, Concord Hotel, Catskills, NY. Michael got fired because he and most of the staff decided to go to Woodstock instead of doing his job

Dead body movie extra, "Gone in 60 Seconds", California 


PEABODY AWARD WINNER, 2004. Michael and his partner at the time, Jennifer Pringle, won the Peabody Race Dance Competition at the prestigious 92nd St. Y. She didn’t tell him before the contest that she didn’t know how to dance the Peabody, and people accused her of running backwards throughout the dance. In spite of that they still won the competition. When Michael becomes President, she has been promised to be his First Lady. She is also aware of the fact that there will be a Second, Third, and possibly a Fourth First Lady living in the White House along with him.


Michael has served as a judge for the past five years on the
"High Court of Pies" at the Jazz Age Lawn Party PIE BAKING CONTEST
on Governor’s Island.