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Michael began Swing Dancing in 1995, and was thoroughly addicted by 1998. He was affectionately nicknamed “fiftynites” as he had gone out dancing compulsively for fifty nights in a row. Michael began teaching beginner Swing at a local club in 2000, and soon got addicted to another dance, "Balboa," which had originated in Southern California. From 2003 to 2007 he taught basic Balboa workshops in Rio de Janiero, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Shanghai and Beijing.

Teaching Balboa in Fukuoka, Japan.

Teaching Balboa in Fukuoka, Japan.

 He taught these workshops without remuneration, purely for the joy of dance. Full disclosure, "I got an interpreter and a place to stay." Now these cities, as well as NYC are thriving Balboa cities.

Michael Ingbar dancing with Destiny Vigil in the Balboa Jack and Jill Competition. In Jack and Jill competitions partners are randomly selected. (This was the first time Michael and Destiny had danced together.) Boston Tea Party, 2007

Some non-dancer friends of mine asked me why my platform is a dance floor and my slogan is: "I will make America dance again". 

I intend to end the international manufacture, sale, and use of all weapons of war. "But how," you ask, "will countries settle their differences? With fists and feet and sticks and stones?" Silly question. No way, I say!

My Foreign Policy, and international mission, is to have dance competitions replace war! So much more fun, don't you think? I will draft a bill requiring that all High School graduates must be proficient in a dance form, which can be any of the partner "street dances" such as Tango, Swing, Salsa, Meringue, etc., or even ballroom dance (for those expensive private schools). Equally acceptable, of course, would be Ballet, Hip-hop, or any other performance or solo dance. Our military forces will, naturally, be revamped to come into line with this new international norm: The Army Fox(hole) Trotters, The Navy Hornpipers, The Swing Aerial Force, and The Marine Corps de Ballet.
Not sure about line dances though...

So help me find a running mate, one who is so proficient and well known that they can help us win any dance battle!

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