Change the American Flag to represent a more
peaceful and inclusive United States of America


I believe we need to change the flag of the United States. The color red represent blood that we shed in all our wars, and the white means racism. We will replace the blood red with orange, one of the only colors named after a fruit. According to Wikipedia, ‘In Europe and America, surveys show that orange is the color most associated with amusement.’  The White will be replaced with a spectrum of skin-tones to represent the plurality of ethnicities in this country. The blue will remain, as that stands for our sky and oceans. The under-representation of Puerto Rico and the other four permanently inhabited territories: The U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa,  are represented by smaller oranges around the main 50 oranges, with a single small rotten orange in the middle, representing Washington D.C.”

It is my intention to petition the President of the United States (which might be me)  to change the flag to this new design. Such a petition has been started on To sign your name to this petition please click this link: Petition to Change the Flag