Imaginary Friend selected as Running Mate


Imaginary friend Millicent Hathaway selected as my running mate for Vice President of the United States!!

Real Rights for Imaginary Friends

Millicent is to my knowledge the first ever imaginary friend to be a vice presidential candidate. In fact, not only is she my imaginary friend, she's been an imaginary employee since 1979. When I began my art business in San Francisco, we had many potential employees and artists asking who to contact when they came to the gallery.

Real employees changed so frequently that, rather than continuing the confusion, we created an imaginary employee named Millicent Hathaway. Our plan worked wonderfully over the phone. When they'd actually come by the office, she was, of course, never there, so we decided to put something together to represent her. One of the staff came up with the idea of hanging this mannequin's lower body from the ceiling. Soon after she wore pantyhose, a skirt, and heels.

Here's Millicent Hathaway:

Soon she had received free magazine subscriptions, job offers, and believe it or not (we have no idea how), she was named a Founder of the New York City Host Committee for the 2004 Republican National Convention:


She has never been late for work, never been sick, never lied to me or anyone or complained about anything.

Real Rights for Imaginary Friends!

*** UPDATE 10/21/16 ***

Imaginary Friend Millicent Hathaway Denied Candidacy by New York State


When it comes to unconventional candidates, the 2016 Presidential Election has certainly delivered. Candidates such as Darth Vader of Spokane, WA and Mickey Mouse of Anaheim, CA are officially registered write-in candidates in their states and a vote for them will be tallied right alongside those for Clinton and Trump. Allowing candidates such as Cookie Hydrox of Newport Coast, CA to run for federal office only highlights the injustice of the New York State Board of Elections’ decision this week to deny Millicent Hathaway’s Vice Presidential nomination.  The Board justified their decision on the grounds that since Ms. Hathaway doesn’t technically exist, she can’t produce the required notarized signature. I find this treatment of such a strong, capable woman (and the best employee I’ve ever had) to be discriminatory and deeply insulting. I would challenge Paul Y Potato of Potatoville, ID or Buddy the Elf of North Pole, AK to produce half the qualifications that Millicent has to be Vice President.

This challenge to my campaign has only been with a strengthened resolve. Last Tuesday, following the news of Millicent’s rejection, I officially nominated Steven Jacobson (real human person) as my Vice President. Moving forward, our campaign will focus anew on defending the rights of disadvantaged women like Millicent who have been denied the right to vote or run for office based upon their state of actual existence.

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